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Microprocessing-&-Microprogramming May ; 7(5) (1981) 312-25
SKALP: skeleton architecture for fault-tolerant distributed processing
B. Courtois1, M. Marinescu1, J.-F. Pons1

A distributed system based on a local network is presented as a skeleton for a class of dedicated machines. A modular hardware is constituted of stations connected by a pool of serial lines, while the software kernel is managing communication and fault-tolerance, and offers debugging and multitasking facilities in order to simplify real-time application design. Main characteristics of the system are distributed control, modularity of hardware allowing modularity of the performance of applications, adaptability to the technology evolution, originality of the communication mechanism, distributed fault-tolerance mechanisms useful for the design of safety-oriented and/or availability-oriented applications, and a prototype realization based on 6800-68000 microprocessors.
1:  TIMA - Techniques of Informatics and Microelectronics for integrated systems Architecture
SKALP- – skeleton-architecture – fault-tolerant – distributed-processing – local-network – software-kernel