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IEEE-Transactions-on-Nuclear-Science Dec. 1989; 36(6) pt. 1 (1989) 2383-7
Comparison between Californian and cyclotron SEU tests
R. Velazco1, A. Provost-Grellier1, T. Chapuis2, M. Labrunee1, D. Falguere1, R. Koga3

Experimental equipment for performing heavy-ion testing on programmable integrated circuits is presented. The equipment was used along with two different types of heavy-ion simulator to perform SEU (single-event-upset) tests on representative circuits: a dedicated Cf/sup 252/ fission decay source and an 88-in cyclotron. The observed discrepancies between the two results obtained cast doubt on the validity of using californium sources to simulate high-LET (linear-energy-transfer) particles.
1:  TIMA - Techniques of Informatics and Microelectronics for integrated systems Architecture
3:  THE AEROSPACE CORP. - The Aerospace Corp.
high-LET-particles-simulation – cyclotron-SEU-tests – heavy-ion-testing – programmable-integrated-circuits – types-of-heavy-ion-simulator – dedicated-Cf-sup-252-fission-decay-source – discrepancies- – 88-in – -sup-252-Cf-source