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Self-Timed Rings: A Promising Solution for Generating High-Speed High Resolution Low-Phase Noise Clocks
Elissati O. et al
Dans VLSI-SoC: Forward-Looking Trends in IC and Systems Design 18th IFIP WG 10.5/IEEE International Conference on Very Large Scale Integration, VLSI-SoC 2010, Madrid, Spain, September 27-29, 2010, Revised Selected Papers (2012) 22-42 [hal-00750195 - version 1]
Adaptive logical control of RF LNA performances for efficient energy consumption
Khereddine R. et al
Dans VLSI-SoC: Forward-Looking Trends in IC and Systems Design (2012) 43-68, Volume 373 [hal-00750174 - version 1]
Checkers for Online Self-Testing of Analog Circuits
Stratigopoulos H. et al
Dans Advanced Circuits for Emerging Technologies (2012) Chapter 21 [hal-00750164 - version 1]
Property-Based Dynamic Verification and Test
Borrione D. et al
Dans Design Technology for Heterogeneous Embedded Systems (2012) 157-176 [hal-00688409 - version 1]
On Software Simulation for MPSoC. A Modeling Approach for Functional Validation and Performance Estimation
Shen H. et al
Dans Design Technology for Heterogeneous Embedded Systems (2012) chapter 5: 91-114 [hal-00680484 - version 1]
fulltext access Exploitation of Built in test for diagnosis by using Dynamic Fault Trees: Implementation in Matlab Simulink
Gascard E. et al
Dans Advances in Safety, Reliability and Risk Management: ESREL 2011 (2011) 436-444 [hal-00631186 - version 1]
Using Amdahl's Law for Performance Analysis of Many-Core SoC Architectures Based on Functionally Asymmetric Processors
Shen H. et al
Dans Architecture of Computing Systems - ARCS 2011 (2011) 38-49 [hal-00688287 - version 1]
Self Adaption in SoCs
Zakaria H. et al
Dans Autonomic Networking-on-Chip (Bio-inspired Specification, Development, and Verification) (2011) 287 p. [hal-00653931 - version 1]
Dynamic Verification of SystemC Transactional Models
Pierre L. et al
Dans Model-Based Testing for Embedded Systems (2011) chapter 22 [hal-00653490 - version 1]
Integrated circuit qualification for Space and Ground-level Applications: Accelerated test and Error-Rate Prediction
Velazco R. et al
Dans Soft Errors in modern electronic systems (2011) 167-202 [hal-00564655 - version 1]
Asynchronous 3D-NoCs Making Use of Serialized Vertical Links
Sheibanyrad A. et al
Dans 3D Integration for NoC-based SoC Architectures (2011) 149-165 [hal-00564627 - version 1]
A Standard 3.5T CMOS Imager Including a Light Adaptive System for Integration Time Optimization
Sicard G. et al
Dans Algorithm-Architecture Matching for Signal and Image Processing (2010) 81-93 [hal-00569922 - version 1]
Operating System Support for Applications targeting Heterogeneous Multi-Core System-on-Chips
Guérin X. et al
Dans Multi-Core Embedded Systems (2010) chapter 9, 24 p. [hal-00564634 - version 1]
Computational Opportunities and CAD for Nanotechnologies
Nicolaidis M. et al
Dans Robust Computing with Nano-scale Devices (2010) 137-173 [hal-00564610 - version 1]
Computational Space, Time and Quantum Mechanics
Nicolaidis M.
Dans Thinking Machines and the Philosophy of Computer Science: Concepts and Principles (2010) 253-279 [hal-00564600 - version 1]
Circuit-level Soft-Error Mitigation
Nicolaidis M.
Dans Soft Errors in Modern Electronic Systems (2010) 203-252 [hal-00564563 - version 1]
Hardware Fault Injection
Entrena L. et al
Dans Soft Errors in Modern Electronic Systems (2010) 141-166 [hal-00564561 - version 1]
Optimizing and Comparing CMOS Implementations of the C-element in 65nm technology: Self-Timed Ring Case
Elissati O. et al
Dans Integrated Circuit and System Design. Power and Timing Modeling, Optimization, and Simulation, 20th International Workshop, PATMOS 2010, Grenoble, France, September 7-10, 2010 (2010) 137-149 [hal-00564558 - version 1]
ISIS: Runtime Verification of TLM Platforms
Ferro L. et al
Dans Advances in Design Methods from Modeling Languages for Embedded Systems and SoC's (Selected Contributions from FDL'09) (2010) 213-226 [hal-00518671 - version 1]
Simulation at Cycle Accurate and Transaction Accurate Levels
Pétrot F. et al
Dans System Level Design with .NET Technology (2009) 155-175 [hal-00472592 - version 1]