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Advances in Safety, Reliability and Risk Management: ESREL 2011, Christophe Berenguer, Antoine Grall, Carlos Guedes Soares (Ed.) (2011) 436-444
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Exploitation of Built in test for diagnosis by using Dynamic Fault Trees: Implementation in Matlab Simulink
Eric Gascard1, Zineb Simeu-Abazi2

This paper presents the purpose of Dynamic Fault Tree (DFT) in Matlab Simulink in order to diagnose discrete event systems. The aim is to filter false alarms in automated systems that feature dependencies. Traditional Fault Tree is a tool used for system diagnostics, but it is limited because it uses traditional logic gates (OR, AND) which do not take into consideration the time and the dependencies of automated systems. As a result, new gates have been created to make it possible to consider dynamic aspects of automata. They are called temporal and dynamic logic gates. Consequently a research work has been done upstream to describe all the functioning cases of each gate and to represent them into digital timing diagram. Then, in order to provide an easy way to built DFT and analyze automated system faults, traditional, temporal and dynamic gates have been programmed using the StateFlow library of Matlab Simulink and added to a new toolbox created especially in Simulink for the construction and the simulation of DFT.
1:  TIMA - Techniques of Informatics and Microelectronics for integrated systems Architecture
2:  G-SCOP - Laboratoire des sciences pour la conception, l'optimisation et la production
Dynamic Fault Tree (DFT) – false alarms – Fault Tree temporal gates – logic gates – Matlab Simulink