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AFIPS-Conference-Proceedings.-1980-National-Computer-Conference., Anaheim, CA : United States (1980)
CONLAN-a formal construction method for hardware description languages: language derivation
R. Piloty1, M. Barbacci1, D. Borrione2, D. Dietmeyer1, D. Hill1, P. Skelly1

A CONLAN document has significance only if it is read by a person or machine. that reader (environment) is required to use available facilities to respond to and interact with the document. It must provide the type checking mechanism. It must record the names of defined and declared items and provide the data base they require. It must record signal values. From such records, it can determine facts of importance to continued document evaluation. `System interfaces' are prescribed environment responses, not formally defined via CONLAN syntax.
1:  Technische Hoschschule
2:  TIMA - Techniques of Informatics and Microelectronics for integrated systems Architecture
CONLAN- – formal-construction-method – hardware-description-languages – language-derivation