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Detailed view PhD thesis
Université Pierre et Marie Curie - Paris VI (07/12/2004), Mme Dominique Vernhet (Dir.)
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L'émission X : un outil et une sonde pour l'interaction laser -agrégats
Christophe Prigent1

In intense laser – cluster interaction, the experimental results show a strong energetic coupling between radiation and matter. We have measured absolute x – ray yields and charge state distributions under well control conditions as a function of physical parameters governing the interaction; namely laser intensity, pulse duration, wavelength or polarization state of the laser light, the size and the species of the clusters (Ar, Kr, Xe). We have highlighted, for the first time, an intensity threshold in the x – ray production very low (~ 2.1014 W/cm2 for a pulse duration of 300 fs) which can results from an effect of the dynamical polarisation of clusters in an intense electric field. A weak dependence with the wavelength (400 nm / 800 nm) on the absolute x – ray yields has been found. Moreover, we have observed a saturation of the x – ray emission probability below a critical cluster size.
1:  INSP - Institut des Nanosciences de Paris
interaction laser - agrégats – rayonnement X – collisions électrons - ions