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fulltext access A new result about almost umbilical hypersurfaces of space forms
Roth J.
[hal-00979206 - version 1] (15/04/2014)
fulltext access A New Walk on Equations Monte Carlo Method for Linear Algebraic Problems
Dimov I. Tomov et al
[hal-00979044 - version 1] (15/04/2014)
fulltext access Approximate hedging with proportional transaction costs in stochastic volatility models with jumps
Nguyen H. T. et al
[hal-00979199 - version 1] (15/04/2014)
fulltext access Stochastic dynamics of determinantal processes by integration by parts
Decreusefond L. et al
[hal-00979150 - version 1] (15/04/2014)
fulltext access Entropy conditions for scalar conservation laws with discontinuous flux revisited
Andreianov B. et al
[hal-00978482 - version 1] (14/04/2014)
fulltext access Real Milnor Fibres and Puiseux Series
Fichou G. et al
[hal-00978433 - version 1] (14/04/2014)
fulltext access On the recurrence of some random walks in random environment
Gantert N. et al
[hal-00978858 - version 1] (15/04/2014)
fulltext access An arbitrary-order and compact-stencil discretization of diffusion on general meshes based on local reconstruction operators
Di Pietro D. A. et al
[hal-00978198 - version 1] (13/04/2014)
fulltext access A note on the normalization of the momentum eigenfunctions and Dirac delta function
Hage-Hassan M.
[hal-00978136 - version 1] (12/04/2014)
fulltext access Furstenberg Maps For CAT(0) Targets Of Finite Telescopic Dimension
Bader U. et al
[hal-00977894 - version 1] (11/04/2014)
fulltext access New normality test in high dimension with kernel methods
Kellner J. et al
[hal-00977839 - version 1] (11/04/2014)
fulltext access A Dynamics Driven by Repeated Harmonic Perturbations
Tamura H. et al
[hal-00977313 - version 1] (10/04/2014)
fulltext access Imaginärquadratische Einbettung von Maximalordnungen rationaler Quaternionenalgebren, und die nichtzyklischen endlichen Untergruppen der Bianchi-Gruppen
Krämer N.
[hal-00720823 - version 3] (10/04/2014)
fulltext access Scalar conservation laws with moving constraints arising in traffic flow modeling: an existence result
Delle Monache M. L. et al
[hal-00976855 - version 1] (10/04/2014)
fulltext access Functional limit theorems for generalized variations of the fractional Brownian sheet
Pakkanen M. S. et al
[hal-00976747 - version 1] (10/04/2014)