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Denoising 3D medical images using a second order variational model and wavelet shrinkage
Minh Phuong Tran1, Renaud Péteri2, Maïtine Bergounioux1

The aim of this paper is to construct a model which decomposes a 3D image into two components: the fi rst one containing the geometrical structure of the image, the second one containing the noise. The proposed method is based on a second order variational model and an undecimated wavelet thresholding operator. The numerical implementation is described, and some experiments for denoising a 3D MRI imageare successfully performed. Future prospects are finally exposed.
1 :  MAPMO - Mathématiques - Analyse, Probabilités, Modélisation - Orléans
2 :  MIA - Mathématiques, Image et Applications
Image Decomposition – Image Denoising – Undecimated wavelet Shrinkage – Second order variational model – 3D medical image