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Open Quantum Systems III, S. Attal, A. Joye, C.-A. Pillet (Ed.) (2006) 1-66
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Topics in nonequilibrium quantum statistical mechanics
Walter Aschbacher1, Vojkan Jaksic2, Yan Pautrat3, Claude-Alain Pillet4

These notes are an expanded and revised version of the lectures given by the second and fourth autor in the summer school "Open Quantum System" held in Grenoble, June 16-July 4, 2003. They provide an introduction to recent developments in non-equilibrium statistical mechanics of open quantum systems, including a completely worked out (simple) example. We discuss non-equilibrium steady states (NESS) and their structural properties, entropy production, linear response theory and weak coupling limit. The emphasis is on Ruelle's scattering approach to the construction of NESS.
1 :  Zentrum Mathematik M5
2 :  Department of Mathematics and Statistics [Mac Gill]
3 :  LM-Orsay - Laboratoire de Mathématiques d'Orsay
4 :  FRUMAM - Fédération de Recherche des Unités de MAthématiques de Marseille
nonequilibrium statistical mechanics – NESS – steady-state – entropy production – Kubo formula – Onsager reciprocity relations – free Fermi gas – linear response theory