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fulltext access A.~Stern's analysis of the nodal sets of some families of spherical harmonics revisited
Bérard P. et al
[hal-01026363 - version 1] (21/07/2014)
fulltext access Inverse problem on a tree-shaped network
Baudouin L. et al
[hal-01026360 - version 1] (21/07/2014)
fulltext access A hybrid variational principle for the Keller-Segel system in $\mathbb R^2$
Blanchet A. et al
[hal-01026281 - version 1] (21/07/2014)
fulltext access Kneading with weights
Rugh H. H. et al
[hal-01026144 - version 1] (20/07/2014)
fulltext access Maintenance does not affect the stability of a two-tiered microbial 'food chain'
Sari T. et al
[hal-01026149 - version 1] (2014-07-20)
fulltext access Greedy vector quantization
Luschgy H. et al
[hal-01026116 - version 1] (19/07/2014)
fulltext access Large Deviations for Non-Markovian Diffusions and a Path-Dependent Eikonal Equation
Ma J. et al
[hal-01026115 - version 1] (19/07/2014)
fulltext access Relativistic Stereometric Coordinates from Relativistic Localizing Systems and the Projective Geometry of the Spacetime Manifold
Rubin J. L.
[hal-01025947 - version 2] (22/07/2014)
fulltext access Asymptotic analysis of a selection model with space
Mirrahimi S. et al
[hal-01030762 - version 1] (22/07/2014)
fulltext accessible on an other server Large deviations for the squared radial Ornstein-Uhlenbeck process
Du Roy De Chaumaray M.
[hal-01026307 - version 1] (2014-07-21)
fulltext access Inverse spectral theory for semiclassical Jaynes-Cummings systems
Le Floch Y. et al
[hal-01026071 - version 1] (19/07/2014)
fulltext access Tight convex relaxations for sparse matrix factorization
Richard E. et al
[hal-01025959 - version 1] (18/07/2014)
fulltext access Connectivity structures of quantum entanglement --- Structures connectives de l'intrication quantique
Dugowson S.
[hal-01025949 - version 1] (18/07/2014)
fulltext access A local Invariant for Trees: Counting Schrödinger Operators
Bacher R.
[hal-01025881 - version 1] (18/07/2014)
fulltext access Edge detection using topological gradients: a scale-space approach
Amstutz S. et al
[hal-01025706 - version 1] (18/07/2014)