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fulltext access Full characterization of optimal transport plans for concave costs
Pegon P. et al
[hal-00904175 - version 2] (16/09/2014)
fulltext access Semiparametric inference for the recurrent event process by means of a single-index model
Bouaziz O. et al
[hal-00446528 - version 3] (16/09/2014)
fulltext access Quantitative conditions of rectifiability for varifolds
Buet B.
[hal-01064664 - version 1] (16/09/2014)
fulltext accessible on an other server A new transfer principle and applications to eigenvalue estimates for graphs
Amini O. et al
[hal-01064593 - version 1] (16/09/2014)
fulltext access Simultaneous controllability and discrimination of collections of perturbed bilinear control systems on the Lie group SU(N)
Belhadj M. et al
[hal-00866229 - version 3] (16/09/2014)
fulltext access Moment bounds and concentration inequalities for slowly mixing dynamical systems
Gouëzel S. et al
[hal-00971289 - version 2] (16/09/2014)
Frikha N. et al
[hal-01064536 - version 1] (16/09/2014)
fulltext access Cohomologie des courbes planes algébriques
Abdallah N.
Université Nice Sophia Antipolis (11/06/2014), Alexandru Dimca (Dir.) [tel-01064511 - version 1]
STAR - Dépôt national des thèses électroniques
fulltext access Inverse scattering at high energies for a classical particle in a long range force field
Jollivet A.
[hal-01063458 - version 2] (16/09/2014)
fulltext access Stochastic maximum principle for optimal control of SPDEs driven by white noise
Fuhrman M. et al
[hal-01064475 - version 1] (16/09/2014)
fulltext access Amenable Invariant Random Subgroups
Bader U. et al
Rapport de recherche [hal-01064474 - version 1]
fulltext access Planification stratégique de trajectoires d'avions
Chaimatanan S.
Université Paul Sabatier - Toulouse III (21/07/2014), Marcel Mongeau & Daniel Delahaye (Dir.) [tel-01064452 - version 1]
fulltext access On hyperbolic analogues of some classical theorems in spherical geometry
Papadopoulos A. et al
[hal-01064449 - version 1] (16/09/2014)
fulltext access An iterative method for solving the inverse problem in electrocardiography in normal and fibrillation conditions: A simulation Study
Zemzemi N.
International Congress on Electrocardiology (ICE), Slovaquie (2014) [hal-01064445 - version 1]
fulltext access Model theoretic stability and definability of types, after A. Grothendieck
Ben Yaacov I.
[hal-00838148 - version 2] (16/09/2014)