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fulltext access The Master Equation for Large Population Equilibriums
Carmona R. et al
[hal-00979789 - version 2] (17/04/2014)
fulltext access Renormalized Energy and Asymptotic Expansion of Optimal Logarithmic Energy on the Sphere
Bétermin L.
[hal-00979926 - version 1] (17/04/2014)
fulltext access A note on the adaptive estimation of a bi-dimensional density in the case of knowledge of the copula density
Bulla I. et al
[hal-00979729 - version 1] (16/04/2014)
fulltext access Expansion of a singularly perturbed equation with a two-scale converging convection term
Mouton A.
[hal-00979368 - version 1] (16/04/2014)
fulltext access Effective power series computations
Van Der Hoeven J.
[hal-00979357 - version 1] (2014-04-15)
fulltext access Edge-Ratio Network Clustering by Variable Neighborhood Search
Cafieri S. et al
European Physical Journal B: Condensed Matter and Complex Systems (2014) pp xxxx [hal-00979295 - version 1]
fulltext access A new result about almost umbilical hypersurfaces of space forms
Roth J.
[hal-00979206 - version 1] (15/04/2014)
fulltext access A New Walk on Equations Monte Carlo Method for Linear Algebraic Problems
Dimov I. Tomov et al
[hal-00979044 - version 1] (15/04/2014)
fulltext access Approximate hedging with proportional transaction costs in stochastic volatility models with jumps
Nguyen H. T. et al
[hal-00979199 - version 1] (15/04/2014)
fulltext access Stochastic dynamics of determinantal processes by integration by parts
Decreusefond L. et al
[hal-00979150 - version 1] (15/04/2014)
fulltext access Computing the dynamics of biomembranes by combining conservative level set and adaptive finite element methods
Laadhari A. et al
Journal of Computational Physics 263 (2014) 328-352 [hal-00604145 - version 4]
fulltext access Filtrations poly-adiques, standardité, complémentabilité, maximalité
Leuridan C.
[hal-00980554 - version 1] (18/04/2014)
An energy-consistent depth-averaged Euler system: derivation and properties.
Sainte-Marie J. et al
Discrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems - Series B (2014) [hal-00978715 - version 1]
fulltext access Entropy conditions for scalar conservation laws with discontinuous flux revisited
Andreianov B. et al
[hal-00978482 - version 1] (14/04/2014)
fulltext access Real Milnor Fibres and Puiseux Series
Fichou G. et al
[hal-00978433 - version 1] (14/04/2014)