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Multidimensional simulation of an estuarian river flow
Amara M. et al
Scientific Computing Seminar, Allemagne (2008) [inria-00343007 - version 1]
Hierarchical Modelling and Simulation of an Estuarian River Flow
Amara M. et al
Workshop "Maths & Water", Espagne (2008) [inria-00343006 - version 1]
fulltext access Variational approach for the multiscale modeling of an estuarian river. Part 1 : Derivation and numerical approximation of a 2D horizontal model
Amara M. et al
Rapport de recherche (2008) 30 [inria-00342858 - version 1]
Experimental and numerical study of the flow structure in the premixing channel and the combustion chamber of a gas micro-turbine
Lahraichi S. et al
7th International ERCOFTAC Symposium on Engineering Turbulence Modelling and Measurements, Chypre (2008) [inria-00342821 - version 1]
Solver development in open source code OpenFoam and application to the computation of micro- mixing systems
Nguyen P.D. et al
ACOMP 2008 International Workshop on Advanced Computing and Applications, Viet Nam (2008) [inria-00342789 - version 1]
Leonardi F. et al
the Polymer Processing Society 24th Annual Meeting, Italie (2008) [inria-00342785 - version 1]
optimisation of polymer foam process by the residence time distribution approach
Larochette M. et al
Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research (2008) [inria-00342769 - version 1]
An experimental database for benchmarking simulations of turbulent premixed reacting flows: lean extinction limits and velocity field measurements in a dump combustor
Nguyen P.D. et al
Flow Turbulence and Combustion (2008) [inria-00342714 - version 1]
fulltext access Convergence of an adaptive finite element method on quadrilateral meshes
Becker R. et al
Rapport de recherche (2008) 22 [inria-00342672 - version 1]
Pseudo Conforming Finite Elements on Quadrilaterals
Dubach E. et al
8th International Conference on Computational and Mathematical Methods in Science and Engeneeering, Espagne (2008) [inria-00342673 - version 1]
fulltext access Pseudo-conforming polynomial finite elements on quadrilaterals
Dubach E. et al
International Journal of Computer Mathematics (2008) [inria-00342656 - version 1]
Quelques observations sur un algorithme semi-implicite pour le calcul des écoulements à tous nombres de Mach
Amara M. et al
Congrès français de thermique (SFT), France (2008) [inria-00342655 - version 1]
Numerical simulation of the fluidized bed: application to ice slurry systems
El Rhafiki T. et al
ICHMT International Symposium on Advances in Computational Heat Transfer, Maroc (2008) [inria-00342654 - version 1]
Asymptotic kinetic energy conservation for low Mach number flow computations
Amara M. et al
Tenth International Conference Zaragoza-Pau on Applied Mathematics and Statistics, Espagne (2008) [inria-00342653 - version 1]
fulltext access Inductor shape optimization for electromagnetic casting
Canelas A. et al
Rapport de recherche (2008) 28 [inria-00342050 - version 1]