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Semi-parametric estimation of Brown-Proschan preventive maintenance effects and intrinsic wear-out
Doyen L.
Computational Statistics and Data Analysis 77 (2014) 206-222 [hal-00957423 - version 1]
Low-Rank Update of the Restricted Additive Schwarz Preconditioner for Nonlinear Systems
Berenguer L. et al
Dans Domain Decomposition Methods in Science and Engineering XXI - Domain Decomposition Methods in Science and Engineering XXI, France (2012) [hal-01044430 - version 1]
fulltext access On output regulation in state-constrained systems: An application to polyhedral case
Tanwani A. et al
Dans Proceedings of the 19th IFAC World Congress - 19th IFAC World Congress (IFAC WC 2014), Afrique Du Sud (2014) [hal-00997266 - version 1]
Multi-order covariance computation for estimates in stochastic subspace identification using QR decompositions
Döhler M. et al
IFAC WC - 19th IFAC World Congress, Afrique Du Sud (2014) [hal-00976016 - version 1]
Efficient computation of minmax tests for fault isolation and their application to structural damage localization
Döhler M. et al
IFAC WC - 19th IFAC World Congress, Afrique Du Sud (2014) [hal-00976009 - version 1]
fulltext accessible on an other server On Adaptive Measurement Inclusion Rate In Real-Time Moving-Horizon Observers
Alamir M.
Dans Proceedings of the IFAC World Congress - 19th IFAC World Congress, Afrique Du Sud (2014) [hal-00863940 - version 1]
Lecture notes on the circular law
Bordenave C. et al
Dans Modern Aspects of Random Matrix Theory (2014) 1-35 [hal-01015134 - version 1]
fulltext access An offline-online homogenization strategy to solve quasilinear two-scale problems at the cost of one-scale problems
Abdulle A. et al
Int. J. Numer. Meth. Engng 99, 7 (2014) 469-486 [hal-00819565 - version 1]
fulltext access Numerical simulation of a class of models that combine several mechanisms of dissipation: fracture, plasticity, viscous dissipation
Bonnetier E. et al
Journal of Computational Physics 271 (2014) 397-414 [hal-00995663 - version 1]
fulltext access Homotopical rigidity of polygonal billiards
Bobok J. et al
Topology and its Applications 173 (2014) 308-324 [hal-00700476 - version 1]
An asymptotic model for small amplitude solutions to Newton's cradle
Bidégaray-Fesquet B. et al
2014 SIAM Conference on Nonlinear Waves and Coherent Structures, Royaume-Uni (2014) [hal-00974845 - version 1]
Inference on the Hurst parameter and variance of diffusions driven by fractional Brownian motion
Berzin C. et al
(2014) 200 [hal-00947513 - version 1]
fulltext access Existence of critical points with semi-stiff boundary conditions for singular perturbation problems in simply connected planar domains
Lamy X. et al
Journal de Mathématiques Pures et Appliquées 102, 2 (2014) 385-418 [hal-00784904 - version 4]
Applying the Improvement Factor Method to the Degradation Rate
Zhang M. et al
APARM 2014 - 16th Asia-Pacific International Symposium on Advanced Reliability and Maintenance Modeling, Japon (2014) [hal-01023263 - version 1]
Lower and upper bounds for a two-stage capacitated facility location problem with handling costs
Li J. et al
European Journal of Operational Research 236, 3 (2014) 957--967 [hal-00909805 - version 1]