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fulltext access Ends of branching random walks on planar hyperbolic Cayley graphs
Gilch L. A. et al
[hal-01062901 - version 1] (10/09/2014)
fulltext accessible on an other server On some random forests with determinantal roots
Avena L. et al
[hal-01069723 - version 1] (2014-09-29)
fulltext access Minimal time bioremediation of water resources with two patches
Ramirez H. et al
[hal-01069581 - version 1] (2014-09-29)
fulltext access A backward dual representation for the quantile hedging of Bermudan options
Bouchard B. et al
[hal-01069270 - version 1] (2014-09-29)
fulltext access Continuous functions in the plane regular after one blowing-up
Fichou G. et al
[hal-01069575 - version 1] (2014-09-29)
fulltext access Geometric density for invariant random subgroups of groups acting on CAT(0) spaces
Duchesne B. et al
[hal-01069111 - version 1] (28/09/2014)
fulltext accessible on an other server An upper bound on the number of rational points of arbitrary projective varieties over finite fields
Couvreur A.
[hal-01069510 - version 1] (2014-09-29)
fulltext access Isotropic realizability of current fields in R^3
Briane M. et al
[hal-01069082 - version 1] (26/09/2014)
fulltext access Boundedness and continuity of the fundamental operations on distributions having a specified wave front set. (with a counter example by Semyon Alesker)
Brouder C. et al
[hal-01069072 - version 1] (26/09/2014)
fulltext access On stability and hyperbolicity for polynomial automorphisms of C^2
Berger P. et al
[hal-01068578 - version 1] (26/09/2014)
fulltext access The Dynamical Manin-Mumford Problem for Plane Polynomial Automorphisms
Dujardin R. et al
[hal-01068576 - version 1] (26/09/2014)
fulltext access Complex Projective Structures: Lyapunov Exponent, Degree and Harmonic Measure
Deroin B. et al
[hal-01068575 - version 1] (26/09/2014)
fulltext access Lyapunov exponents for surface group representations.
Deroin B. et al
[hal-01068574 - version 1] (26/09/2014)
fulltext access L2-Boosting for sensitivity analysis with dependent inputs
Champion M. et al
[hal-01068729 - version 1] (26/09/2014)
fulltext access Hamiltonian identification in presence of large perturbations
Fu Y. et al
[hal-01068969 - version 1] (26/09/2014)