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fulltext access Ends of branching random walks on planar hyperbolic Cayley graphs
Gilch L. A. et al
[hal-01062901 - version 1] (10/09/2014)
fulltext access Open book structures on semi-algebraic manifolds
Dutertre N. et al
[hal-01064170 - version 1] (15/09/2014)
fulltext access On the solutions to complex parameter-dependent LMIs involved in the stability analysis of 2D discrete models
Bachelier O. et al
[hal-01064115 - version 1] (15/09/2014)
fulltext access A New Rejection Sampling Method for Truncated Multivariate Gaussian Random Variables Restricted to Convex Sets
Maatouk H. et al
[hal-01063978 - version 1] (15/09/2014)
restricted file access Farey's lines in Farey's diagrams, and application to Discrete Geometry
Khoshnoudirad D.
[hal-01063950 - version 1] (15/09/2014)
fulltext access Solvability analysis and numerical approximation of linearized cardiac electromechanics
Andreianov B. et al
[hal-00865585 - version 1] (2013-09-24)
fulltext access Traces of weighted Sobolev spaces. Old and new
Mironescu P. et al
[hal-01064025 - version 1] (15/09/2014)
fulltext access Global hypoelliptic and symbolic estimates for the linearized Boltzmann operator without angular cutoff
Alexandre R. et al
[hal-00766817 - version 2] (2014-09-14)
fulltext access Backup State Observer Based on Optic Flow Applied to Lunar Landing
Sabiron G. et al
[hal-01021322 - version 1] (09/07/2014)
fulltext accessible on an other server On 3-dimensional lattice walks confined to the positive octant
Bostan A. et al
[hal-01063886 - version 1] (15/09/2014)
fulltext access Sur la classification des schémas en groupes semi-simples
Gille P.
[hal-01063601 - version 1] (2014-09-13)
fulltext access A Low Mach Number Model for Moist Atmospheric Flows
Duarte M. et al
[hal-01058751 - version 2] (13/09/2014)
fulltext access Kinetic entropy inequality and hydrostatic reconstruction scheme for the Saint-Venant system
Audusse E. et al
[hal-01063577 - version 1] (12/09/2014)
fulltext access Discontinuous Galerkin discretizations of Optimized Schwarz methods for solving the time-harmonic Maxwell equations
El Bouajaji M. et al
[hal-01062853 - version 1] (12/09/2014)
fulltext access Existence of torsion-low maximal identity isotopies for area preserving surface homeomorphisms
Yan J.
[hal-01063233 - version 1] (12/09/2014)