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Limit cycles in piecewise-affine gene network models with multiple interaction loops
Etienne Farcot1, Jean-Luc Gouzé2

In this paper we consider piecewise affine differential equations modeling gene networks. We work with arbitrary decay rates, and under a local hypothesis expressed as an alignment condition of successive focal points. The interaction graph of the system may be rather complex (multiple intricate loops of any sign, multiple thresholds...). Our main result is an alternative theorem showing that, if a sequence of region is periodically visited by trajectories, then under our hypotheses, there exists either a unique stable periodic solution, or the origin attracts all trajectories in this sequence of regions. This result extends greatly our previous work on a single negative feedback loop. We give several examples and simulations illustrating different cases.
1:  VP - Virtual Plants (INRIA project-team joint with CIRAD and INRA)
2:  INRIA Sophia Antipolis - COMORE
piecewise linear dynamical systems – periodic trajectories – monotone – concave maps – interaction graph – genetic network models