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From Text to 'Lived' resources: Mathematics Curriculum Material and Teacher Development, Gueudet, G., Pepin, B. & Trouche, L. (Ed.) (2012) 247-263
Teachers teaching mathematics with Enciclomedia: A study of documentational genesis
Maria Trigueros1, Maria-Dolores Lozano1

In this chapter, following the documentational approach (Gueudet &Trouche, 2009), we examine teachers' development through the analysis of their appropriation and transformation of resources from 'Enciclomedia', a Mexican national project. In order to do this, we analyse information about three teachers' interactions with 'Enciclomedia' obtained from different sources: lesson observation, analysis of written materials, and interviews. The three teachers changed their practice in different ways as a result of using 'Enciclomedia'. Each produced different kinds of documents in the process of incorporating the digital resources into their activities and in this process they transformed these material resources by using them in particular ways. It is possible to see that the introduction of the program 'Enciclomedia' can influence teaching practices and documentational genesis in powerful and different ways, especially when it is accompanied by reflection and discussion with fellow teachers and researchers.
1:  Mathematics education
Enciclomedia – documentational approach – digital resources – usages – operational invariants – reflection – teacher professional development