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Compact composition operators on Hardy-Orlicz and Bergman-Orlicz spaces
Daniel Li1

It is known, from results of B. MacCluer and J. Shapiro (1986), that every composition operator which is compact on the Hardy space $H^p$, $1 \leq p < \infty$, is also compact on the Bergman space ${\mathfrak B}^p = L^p_a (\D)$. In this survey, after having described the above known results, we consider Hardy-Orlicz $H^\Psi$ and Bergman-Orlicz ${\mathfrak B}^\Psi$ spaces, characterize the compactness of their composition operators, and show that there exist Orlicz functions for which there are composition operators which are compact on $H^\Psi$ but not on ${\mathfrak B}^\Psi$.
1:  LML - Laboratoire de Mathématiques de Lens
Bergman spaces – Bergman-Orlicz spaces – Blaschke product – Carleson function – Carleson measure – compactness – composition operator – Hardy spaces – Hardy-Orlicz spaces – Nevanlinna counting function