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C. R. Math. Acad. Sci. Paris 348, 2 (2010) 901-905
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Local matching indicators for concave transport costs
Julie Delon1, Julien Salomon2, A. Sobolevskii3, 4

In this note, we introduce a class of indicators that enable to compute efficiently optimal transport plans associated to arbitrary distributions of $N$ demands and $N$ supplies in $\mathbf{R}$ in the case where the cost function is concave. The computational cost of these indicators is small and independent of $N$. A hierarchical use of them enables to obtain an efficient algorithm.
1:  TSI - Département Traitement du Signal et des Images
2:  CEREMADE - CEntre de REcherches en MAthématiques de la DEcision
3:  LIFR-MI2P - Laboratoire J.-V. Poncelet
4:  A.A.Kharkevich Institute for Information Transmission Problems
optimal transport – algorithms – concave cost