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SWCS 2009 : 6th International Symposium on Wireless Communication Systems, Siena : Italy (2009)
Multilayer space-time error correcting codes
Mohamad Sayed Hassan1, 2, Karine Amis Cavalec1, 2

A new approach is presented for the design of full-diversity multilayer space-time error correcting codes (STECCs), for two transmitters. In addition to the linearity which is exploited to transmit linear combinations of forward error correcting (FEC) codewords, the proposed approach uses space-time threading concepts to obtain high diversity and coding gain on each block-fading multiple-input multiple-output channel corresponding to a space-time codeword. We present in this paper the construction of 2 times 3 multilayer STECCs, which outperform the previously known ones.
1:  SC - Département Signal et Communications
2:  Lab-STICC - Laboratoire des sciences et techniques de l'information, de la communication et de la connaissance
Space-time coding – Space-time block code (STBC)