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Boundary stabilization and control of wave equations by means of a general multiplier method
Pierre Cornilleau1, Jean-Pierre Loheac1, 2

We describe a general multiplier method to obtain boundary stabilization of the wave equation by means of a (linear or quasi-linear) Neumann feedback. This also enables us to get Dirichlet boundary control of the wave equation. This method leads to new geometrical cases concerning the "active" part of the boundary where the feedback (or control) is applied. Due to mixed boundary conditions, the Neumann feedback case generate singularities. Under a simple geometrical condition concerning the orientation of the boundary, we obtain a stabilization result in linear or quasi-linear cases.
1:  ICJ - Institut Camille Jordan
2:  LIFR-MI2P - Laboratoire J.-V. Poncelet
wave equation – boundary stabilization – multiplier method