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Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics 229 (2009) 192-207
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Determination of the body force of a two-dimensional isotropic elastic body
Dang Duc Trong1, Alain Pham Ngoc Dinh2, Phan Thanh Nam1, Truong Trung Tuyen3

Let $\Omega$ represent a two$-$dimensional isotropic elastic body. We consider the problem of determining the body force $F$ whose form $\varphi(t)(f_1(x),f_2(x))$ with $\varphi$ be given inexactly. The problem is nonlinear and ill-posed. Using the Fourier transform, the methods of Tikhonov's regularization and truncated integration, we construct a regularized solution from the data given inexactly and derive the explicitly error estimate. Numerical part is given
1:  UNS-HCMC - Mathematics Department
2:  MAPMO - Mathématiques - Analyse, Probabilités, Modélisation - Orléans
3:  IU - Department of Mathematics
body force – elastic body – Fourier transform – ill$-posed problem – Tikhonov's regularization – truncated integration