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fulltext access Quality of Service in Wireless Cellular Networks Subject to Log-Normal Shadowing
Blaszczyszyn B. et al
IEEE Transactions on Communications 61, 2 (2012) 781 - 791 [inria-00562462 - version 4]
fulltext access Comparison of the maximal spatial throughput of Aloha and CSMA in Wireless multihop Ad-Hoc Networks
Blaszczyszyn B. et al
In Wireless Ad-Hoc Networks (2012) 3-22 [inria-00530093 - version 2]
fulltext access Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks: Point-to-Point, Emergency and Broadcast Communications
Blaszczyszyn B. et al
Wireless Days, Ireland (2012) [hal-00735184 - version 1]
fulltext access Stochastic Analysis of Aloha in Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks
Blaszczyszyn B. et al
Annales des Télécommunications 86, 2 (2012) 95-106 [inria-00530080 - version 2]
fulltext access An Interaction-Based Mobility Model for Dynamic Hot Spot Analysis
Morlot F. et al
[hal-00689649 - version 2] (08/07/2012)
Density Classification on Infinite Lattices and Trees
Marcovici I. et al
Dans LATIN 2012: Theoretical Informatics - 10th Latin American Theoretical Informatics Symposium (LATIN 2012), Pérou (2012) [hal-00712614 - version 1]
fulltext access Fast Weak-Kam Integrators
Bouillard A. et al
[hal-00743462 - version 1] (19/10/2012)
fulltext accessible on an other server Far-out Vertices In Weighted Repeated Configuration Model
Blaszczyszyn B. et al
MAMA workshop, held in conjunction with ACM Sigmetrics/Performance, United Kingdom (2012) [hal-00733414 - version 1]
fulltext access Effect of Opportunistic Scheduling on the Quality of Service Perceived by the Users in OFDMA Cellular Networks
Blaszczyszyn B. et al
Annales des Télécommunications 67, 3-4 (2012) 203-213 [inria-00590367 - version 1]
fulltext accessible on an other server Density classification on infinite lattices and trees
Busic A. et al
[hal-00643468 - version 1] (22/11/2011)
fulltext access Social Event Detection in Massive Mobile Phone Data Using Probabilistic Location Inference
Traag V. et al
[hal-00627122 - version 1] (27/09/2011)
fulltext access Quelques conséquences de la convergence locale faible pour les graphes aléatoires
Salez J.
Université Pierre et Marie Curie - Paris VI Ecole Normale Supérieure de Paris - ENS Paris (04/07/2011), François Baccelli (Dir.) [tel-00637130 - version 1]
fulltext access Wireless Link Quality Modelling and Mobility Management for Cellular Networks
Nguyen V. M.
Telecom ParisTech (20/06/2011), François Baccelli (Dir.) [tel-00702798 - version 1]
fulltext accessible on an other server Clustering, percolation and directionally convex ordering of point processes
Blaszczyszyn B. et al
[inria-00595304 - version 1] (24/05/2011)
fulltext access The cavity method for counting spanning subgraphs subject to local constraints
Salez J.
[inria-00577234 - version 1] (16/03/2011)