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fulltext access Coupling of a two phase gas liquid compositional 3D Darcy flow with a 1D compositional free gas flow
Brenner K. et al
[hal-00957202 - version 1] (10/03/2014)
fulltext accessible on an other server A parameter identification problem in stochastic homogenization
Legoll F. et al
[hal-00942730 - version 1] (2014-02-06)
fulltext access Fomulations of two phase liquid gas compositional Darcy flows with phase transitions
Masson R. et al
[hal-00910366 - version 1] (27/11/2013)
Hex-dominant meshing of geologic structures
Laug P. et al
IMACS/MASCOT 2013 - IMACS World Congress / Meetings on Applied Scientific Computing and Tools, Espagne (2013) [hal-00936974 - version 1]
fulltext access Phase separation in highly charged confined ionic solutions
Joubaud R. et al
[hal-00806218 - version 1] (31/03/2013)
fulltext access A Multiscale problem in thermal science
Casenave F. et al
ESAIM: Proceedings 38 (2012) 202-219 [hal-00657838 - version 1]
fulltext access Mathematical study of non-ideal electrostatic correlations in equilibrium electrolytes
Ern A. et al
Research report [hal-00654736 - version 1]
fulltext access Semaine d'Etude Mathématiques et Entreprises 1 : Modélisation et régulation des systèmes de climatisation
Agut C. et al
[hal-00713025 - version 1] (28/06/2012)
fulltext access Numerical methods for the simulation of a corrosion model in a nuclear waste deep repository
Batallion C. et al
[hal-00545552 - version 1] (10/12/2010)
Parallel solution of Mixed Finite Element/Spectral Element systems for convection-diffusion equations on non-matching grids
Boursier I. et al
Applied Numerical Mathematics 60 (2010) 1131-1147 [hal-00866250 - version 1]
fulltext access Guaranteed and robust discontinuous Galerkin a posteriori error estimates for convection-diffusion-reaction problems
Ern A. et al
Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics 234, 1 (2009) 114-130 [hal-00193540 - version 3]
Geostatistical characterization of Callovo-Oxfordian clay variability from high-resolution log data
Lefranc M. et al
Physics and Chemistry of the Earth Parts A/B/C 33, supplément 1 (2008) S2-S13 [hal-00569096 - version 1]
fulltext access Analyse de sensibilité déterministe pour la simulation numérique du transfert de contaminants
Marchand E.
Université Paris Dauphine - Paris IX (12/12/2007), Jean Roberts (Dir.) [tel-00271632 - version 2]
Geostatistical characterization of orbital cyclicity of clay properties from log data (Callovian-Oxfordian clay, Bure, Meuse, France)
Lefranc M. et al
Dans Quantitative Geology from Multiple Sources: XIth International Congress for Mathematical Geology - IAMG 2006 "Quantitative Geology from Multiple Sources", Belgique (2006) [hal-00796161 - version 1]