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NOVEM 2009, Noise and Vibration: Emerging Methods, Oxford : Royaume-Uni (2009)
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Identification of the elasticity tensor of an uncertain biomechanical computational model using axial transmission
C. Desceliers1, C. Soize1, Q. Grimal2, M. Talmant2, S. Naili3

The purpose of this paper is the construction of an uncertain probabilistic model for the mechanical properties of the cortical bone. The main objective is firstly to propose a probabilistic simplified model adapted to the ultrasonic axial transmission technique and secondly to present an experimental identification using this technique. The simplified model is constructed as a fluid-solid semi-infinite multilayered system in which the solid layer (the cortical bone) is a nonhomogeneous anisotropic elastic material and the two others semi-infinite layers are fluids. The uncertainties are related to the elasticity tensor and are taken into account with a probabilistic model. In this paper, the parameters of the probabilistic model are the mean elasticity tensor and a dispersion coefficient. A complete application is presented for the human cortical bone for which an experimental database is available.
1 :  MSME - Laboratoire de Modélisation et Simulation Multi Echelle
2 :  LIP - Laboratoire d'Imagerie Paramétrique
3 :  UMR 7052 - Laboratoire de Mécanique Physique
uncertainty quantification – stochastic inverse problem – identification – probabilistic model – cortical bone – ultrasonic range – model uncertainties – random uncertainties – random matrix