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SAMPTA'09, Marseille : France (2009)
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Adaptive compressed image sensing based on wavelet modeling and direct sampling
Shay Deutsch1, Amir Averbush1, Shay Dekel2

We present Adaptive Direct Sampling (ADS), an algorithm for image acquisition and compression which does not require the data to be sampled at its highest resolution. In some cases, our approach simplifies and improves upon the existing methodology of Compressed Sensing (CS), by replacing the ‘universal' acquisition of pseudo-random measurements with a direct and fast method of adaptive wavelet coefficient acquisition. The main advantages of this direct approach are that the decoding algorithm is significantly faster and that it allows more control over the compressed image quality, in particular, the sharpness of edges.
1 :  TAU-CS - School of Computer Science, Tel Aviv University
2 :  Imaging Solutions