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Photonics Europe, Brusselles : Belgique (2012)
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Tailoring the absorption in a photonic crystal membrane: A modal approach
Romain Peretti1, Guillaume Gomard1, 2, Christian Seassal1, 3, Xavier Letartre1, Emmanuel Drouard1, 3

In order to achieve high efficiency photovoltaic devices and sensors, we propose to implement photonic crystals on thin absorbing layers in such a way to generate two Bloch mode resonances with opposite symmetries. Through FDTD and RCWA simulations, we track and adjust the characteristics of these modes so as to reach their degeneracy. Design and simulations were carried out considering a hydrogenated amorphous silicon layer. We demonstrate that up to 92% absorption can be achieved, far above the 50% limit corresponding to the critical coupling condition between an incident wave and an optical resonance. Moreover, the robustness of the absorption peak was tested by varying both the topographical parameters of the PhC membrane and the angle of incidence. Finally, some guidelines are provided to generalize our approach for the design of broadband absorbers.
1 :  INL - Institut des nanotechnologies de Lyon - Site d'Ecully
2 :  INL - Institut des Nanotechnologies de Lyon - Site de l'INSA
3 :  ECL - École Centrale de Lyon
Photonic crystal – absorption enhancement – photovoltaic solar cell – indoor solar cell – sensor