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Microelectronics Journal 39, 1 (2008) 7--11
Capacitance-voltage analysis of InAs quantum dots grown on InAlAs/InP(0 0 1)
O. Saad, M. Baira, R. Ajjel, Hichem Maaref1, B. Salem2, G. Bremond3, M. Gendry3

The electronic properties of InAs quantum dots (QDs) grown on InAlAs/InP(001) were studied by using capacitance-voltage (C-V) analysis and photoluminescence (PL) measurements. The level positions of electrons and holes could be studied separately by using n- and p-type InAlAs matrices, respectively. The holes are found to be more confined than electrons in these kinds of dots.
1 :  IBISC - Informatique, Biologie Intégrative et Systèmes Complexes
2 :  LTM - Laboratoire des technologies de la microélectronique
3 :  INL - Institut des nanotechnologies de Lyon - Site d'Ecully
p type semiconductor – n type semiconductor – Quantum dots – Photoluminescence – CV characteristic – Electronic properties – Capacitance