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Photonics for Thin Film Photovoltaics, Belgique (2010)
Design and fabrication of photonic crystal thin film photovoltaic cells
Guillaule Gomard1, Ounsi El Daif1, Emmanuel Drouard1, Xianqin Meng1, Anne Kaminski1, Alain Fave1, Mustapha Lemeti1, Enric Garcia-Caurel2, Pere Roca I Cabarrocas2, Christian Seassal1

We present the integration of an absorbing planar photonic crystal within a thin film photovoltaic cell. The devices are based on a stack including a hydrogenated amorphous silicon P-i-N junction surrounded by TCO layers, with a back metallic contact. Optical simulations exhibit a significant increase of the integrated absorption in the 300-720nm wavelength range. The global electro-optical characteristics of such a new solar cell, and the impact of surface passivation, are also discussed. Carrier generation rate maps calculated by optical simulations are introduced as input data in a commercial electrical simulation software. The fabrication of such a device is finally addressed, with a specific focus on the use of low cost nanopatterning processes compatible with large areas.
1 :  INL - Institut des nanotechnologies de Lyon - Site d'Ecully
2 :  LPICM - Laboratoire de physique des interfaces et des couches minces