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Physical Review Letters 108, 10 (2012) 108303
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Gel-phase vesicles buckle into specific shapes
François Quéméneur1, 2, Catherine Quilliet3, Magalie Faivre4, Annie Viallat5, Brigitte Pépin-Donat1

Osmotic deflation of giant vesicles in the rippled gel-phase $P_{\beta '}$ gives rise to a large variety of novel faceted shapes. These shapes are also found from a numerical approach by using an elastic surface model. A shape diagram is proposed based on the model that accounts for the vesicle size and ratios of three mechanical constants: in-plane shear elasticity and compressibility (usually neglected) and out-of-plane bending of the membrane. The comparison between experimental and simulated vesicle morphologies reveals that they are governed by a typical elasticity length, of the order of one micron, and must be described with a large Poisson's ratio.
1:  SPRAM - UMR 5819 - Structures et propriétés d'architectures moléculaire
2:  Maret Group / Département de Physique
3:  LIPhy - Laboratoire Interdisciplinaire de Physique
4:  INL - Institut des Nanotechnologies de Lyon - Site de l'INSA
5:  AC - Adhésion et Inflammation
Buckling – thin shells – capsules – spherical shells – elastic surfaces – Föppl-von Karman – folds – extreme deformations – axisymmetric buckling – elasticity – curvature – in-plane compressibility – stretch modulus – bending modulus – thin plate – gaussian curvature – vesicles – gel-phase vesicles – GUV – DMPC – rippled phase – stomatocyte – discocyte – biconcave – facetted