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Absorbing photonic crystals for thin film photovoltaics
Daif O. E. et al
O. El Daif, E. Drouard1, G. Gomard, X. Meng, A. Kaminski, A. Fave2, M. Lemiti2, Enric Garcia-Caurel ()3, S. Ahn, H. Jeon, Christian Seassal2, Pere Roca I Cabarrocas ()3
1:  IF - Institut FRESNEL
CNRS : UMR6133 – Université de Provence - Aix-Marseille I – Université Paul Cézanne - Aix-Marseille III – Ecole Centrale de Marseille
Domaine univ. de St-Jérôme 13397 MARSEILLE CEDEX 20
2:  INL - Institut des nanotechnologies de Lyon - Site d'Ecully
CNRS : UMR5270 – Université Claude Bernard - Lyon I (UCBL) – Institut National des Sciences Appliquées [INSA] - Lyon – Ecole Centrale de Lyon
bat. 7 36 Av Guy de Collongue - 163 69131 ECULLY CEDEX
3:  LPICM - Laboratoire de physique des interfaces et des couches minces
CNRS : UMR7647 – Polytechnique - X
bat. 408 Route de Saclay 91128 PALAISEAU CEDEX
Physics/Condensed Matter/Other
Absorbing photonic crystals for thin film photovoltaics
The absorption of thin hydrogenated amorphous silicon layers can be efficiently enhanced through a controlled periodic patterning. Light is trapped through coupling with photonic Bloch modes of the periodic structures, which act as an absorbing planar photonic crystal. We theoretically demonstrate this absorption enhancement through one or two dimensional patterning, and show the experimental feasibility through large area holographic patterning. Numerical simulations show over 50% absorption enhancement over the part of the solar spectrum comprised between 380 and 750nm. It is experimentally confirmed by optical measurements performed on planar photonic crystals fabricated by laser holography and reactive ion etching.

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