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Discrete Optimization of EMI Filter Using a Genetic Algorithm
Ferber De Vieira Lessa M. et al
In Proc. of the 2014 International Symposium on Electromagnetic Compatibility - EMC'14, Japan (2014) [hal-01020075 - version 1]
From Bipolar to Quadrupolar Electrode Structures: An Application of Bond-Detach Lithography for Dielectrophoretic Particle Assembly.
Menad S. et al
Langmuir (2014) epub ahead of print [hal-00988569 - version 1]
Ferrite bead effect on Class-D amplifier audio quality
Haddad K. E. et al
Dans Proc. of the 17th IEEE Mediterranean Electrotechnical Conference - MELECON, Liban (2014) [hal-01002472 - version 1]
Integrated Class-D Audio Amplifier Virtual Test for Output EMI Filter Performance
Mrad R. et al
Dans Proc. of the 9th IEEE Conference on Ph. D. Research in Microelectronics and Electronics - PRIME, Autriche (2013) [hal-00840397 - version 1]
N-Conductor Passive Circuit Modeling for Power Converter Current Prediction and EMI Aspect
Mrad R. et al
IEEE Transactions on Electromagnetic Compatibility 55, 6 (2013) 1169 - 1177 [hal-00921496 - version 1]
A New Microfluidic Device for Electric Lysis and Separation of Cells
Brun M. et al
Dans Proc. of the 34th Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society - EMBC'12, États-Unis (2012) [hal-00734028 - version 1]
fulltext access Voltage Reversal in Unbalanced Rectenna Association
Degrenne N. et al
IEEE Antennas and Wireless Propagation Letters 11 (2012) 941 - 944 [hal-00733977 - version 1]
fulltext access Approche de modélisation des chemins de propagation des perturbations conduites pour des systèmes à deux conducteurs actifs
Mrad R. et al
Dans Actes du 16e Colloque International et Exposition sur la Compatibilité Électromagnétique - CEM 2012, France (2012) [hal-00703559 - version 1]
Strategy for Microwave Energy Harvesting From Ambient Field or a Feeding Source
Marian V. et al
IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics 27, 11 (2012) 4481- 4491 [hal-00710517 - version 1]
Investigations on the origin of the ohmic behavior for Ti/Al based contacts on n-type GaN
Thierry-Jebali N. et al
Dans Proc. of the 4th Workshop on Advanced Semiconductor Materials and Devices for Power Electronics Applications - HeteroSiC and WASMPE, France (2011) [hal-00747672 - version 1]