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Characterization of Three Amino-Functionalized Surfaces and Evaluation of Antibody Immobilization for the Multiplex Detection of Tumor Markers Involved in Colorectal Cancer
Yang Z. et al
Langmuir 29 (2013) 1498-1509 [hal-00872600 - version 1]
Molecular imprinted poly(ethyleneco-vinyl alcohol) nanofibers electrospun on gold electrodes for impedimetric creatinine sensing
Betatache A. et al
Dans Materials and applications for sensors and transducers II - 2nd International Conference on Materials and Applications for Sensors and Transducers, IC-MAST, Hongrie (2012) [hal-00878614 - version 1]
PIP Implant Rupture. Different Chemical Compositions Related to Different Symptoms?
Mallon P. et al
Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery ̶ Global Open 1 (2013) 29 [hal-00869786 - version 1]
Nitrogen reaction with silicon: Investigation of Si undercooling and Si(3)N(4) growth.
Beaudhuin M. et al
Journal of Crystal Growth 336, 1 (2011) 77-81 [hal-00664702 - version 1]
One-dimensional model of the equiaxed grain formation in multi-crystalline silicon
Beaudhuin M. et al
Journal of Crystal Growth 319, 1 (2011) 106-113 [hal-00640054 - version 1]
Elaboration de Silicium polycristallin par frittage pour application photovoltaïque
Lebrun J.-M. et al
Journées Jeunes Chercheurs 2010 en CSC/FPH, France (2010) [hal-00609357 - version 1]
Silicon purity controlled under electromagnetic levitation (SPYCE): influences on undercooling
Beaudhuin M. et al
Journal of Materials Science 45, 8 (2010) 2218-2222 [hal-00468055 - version 1]