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Formation and optical properties of silver perfluorodecanethiolate nanoparticles
Brenier R. et al
Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 408 (2013) 13-20 [hal-00867691 - version 1]
Determination of different metals in wastewater using new microsensors based on diamond doped with boron (BDD)
Sbartai A. et al
Dans Nanotechnology 2013: Electronics, Devices, Fabrication, MEMs, Fluidics and Computational - Nanotech Conference & Expo 2013, France (2013) [ujm-00965696 - version 1]
Electrospinning de nanofibres de poly(éthylène co-vinyl alcool) imprimées pour la détection impédimétrique de la créatinine
Betatache A. et al
MADICA 2012 - 8èmes journées Maghreb-Europe, Matériaux et Applications aux Dispositifs et Capteurs., Tunisie (2012) [hal-00813954 - version 1]
Electrochemical boron-doped diamond film microcells micromachined with femtosecond laser: application to the determination of Water Framework Directive Metals
Sbartai A. et al
Analytical Chemistry 84, 11 (2012) 4805-4811 [hal-00811477 - version 1]
Silanization of silica and glass slides for DNA microarrays by impregnation and gas phase protocols: A comparative study
Phaner-Goutorbe M. et al
Materials Science and Engineering: C 31, 2 (2011) 384-390 [hal-00877214 - version 1]