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ECCE 2011, Phoenix : États-Unis (2011)
Development and Electrical Characterization of a Vertical Electrical and Thermal Test Chip (VTTC)
Benoît Thollin1, Jean-Christophe Crébier1, Yvan Avenas1, Pierre-Olivier Jeannin1, Zoubir Khatir2, Laurent Dupont2

Abstract--Electronic package try to be always more compact and cheaper leading to increase current and power densities into the module. These improvements are achieved through the development of new structures and new interconnection methods. Today there are no efficient experimental tools able to measure thermal and electrical resistance of all these structures. Facing these difficulties, we propose to design and create an innovative vertical thermal test diode (VTTC) containing an array of 13 poly-silicon temperature and voltage sensors. These sensors are located inside the top metallization in order to better suite power chip purposes. Compared to existing thermal test chip (TTC), the device we are offering is a real power semi-conductor device that maps the surface temperature and voltage profiles during static usage. Thanks to its unique and wide front side surface adapted for soldering, bumping or bonding, the TTC described in the paper can also be implemented in 3D packages.
1:  G2ELab - Laboratoire de Génie Electrique de Grenoble
2:  LTN - Laboratoire des Technologies Nouvelles