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4th IEEE International Workshop on Nonlinear Signal and Image Processing (NSIP 99), Antalia : Turkey (1999)
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Sine wave cancellation through a periodic transfer function
Pierre Granjon1, Christine Servière1, Albert Foggia2

This paper presents a method of reducing a sinusoidal disturbance through a periodic transfer function. First, a precise definition of the problem (transfer function and disturbance characteristics) is made. A control strategy that minimizes a quadratic cost function is next elaborated. Its good performances are then compared with a classical adaptive feeforward control method thanks to simulation results. It attenuates 90% of the disturbance power in simulation. The finality of this work is to decrease the vibrations of an electrical synchronous machine, and the method reaches a 60% attenuation rate on real signals. Implementation of this algorithm can then be envisaged.
1:  LIS - Laboratoire des images et des signaux
2:  LEG - Laboratoire d'électrotechnique de Grenoble
active noise control – linear periodically time-varying system – LPTV system – vibrations – rotating machine