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POLYMER 46 (2005) 2722-2731
Identification of photoluminescence features of an epoxy resin based on components features and curing effects
Olivier Gallot-Lavallée1, C. Laurent2, S. Rowe3, G. Teyssedre2

Photoluminescence features in a commercial grade cured DGEBA-based epoxy resin have been investigated with as objective to determine which of the material compounds are responsible for cured resin emissions. The origin of the bands has been approached by considering photoluminescence of base resin and hardener taken separately, of their mixture, and in the course of curing. Most of the bands observed in the cured resin could be interpreted based on those found in the components taken separately. Fluorescence of the cured resin appears dominated by two broad bands that are characteristic of the hardener and exhibits a blue shift by up to 30 nm in the course of curing which could be used for cure monitoring purpose of the investigated system. Fluorescence of the base resin is clearly detected in the resin cured with tertiary amine as catalyser. However, it is very weak if the catalyser is not added. Two phosphorescence processes have been isolated in the cured resin, one of them being related to the base resin. Finally, a chemiluminescence spectrum has been recorded in the course of curing, which has been related to either curing-related reactions or to an oxidation process. q 2005 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.
1:  LEMD - Laboratoire d'électrostatique et de matériaux diélectriques
2:  LGET - Laboratoire de génie électrique de Toulouse
3:  SE - Schneider Electric SA
Photoluminescence – Curing – Epoxy resin