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Soft Magnetic Materials 20, Kos : Grèce (2011)
Multiplication of domain-walls in magnetically soft nanocristalline alloys
Olivier Geoffroy1

We study the multiplication of domain walls under dynamical cyclic magnetization in soft nanocristalline samples. At first, some basic theoretical points are presented and analytical formula derived dealing with the critical field Hcr. In a second part, we describe different experimental protocols used to study this phenomenon. In the last part, we show how to use the experimental determination of Hcr to look for the effective anisotropy. A set of 14 samples featturing various annealing treatments and thus a large panel of anisotropies is used to compare this method to the classical one based on coercitivity measurement.
1 :  G2Elab - Laboratoire de Génie Electrique de Grenoble