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Belgeo, 1-2 (2005) 59-68
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A practice-based approach to the conceptualisation of geographical mobility
Mathis Stock1, Philippe Duhamel2

Geographical mobility increases in all domains and on all spatial scales: tourism practices, migrations, business trips, commuting, leisure circulation and so on. It has become an impor- tant phenomenon for research in the social sciences. Nevertheless, attempts at conceptuali- sation are still heavily limited because mobility is rarely viewed as a system in which the ensemble of movements are linked. It has become necessary to adopt a comprehensive approach towards mobility that focuses on the various practices employed and that targets the different types of mobility. Indeed, the following questions are raised: how should the numerous circulations and migrations be conceived and interpreted? How can the different population movements be classified? In this paper, we will attempt to adopt an original approach: to classify different practices of mobility using a "geographical code of practice". This code takes into account the conditions in which movements occur and the characteris- tics of the geographical sites involved. In this way, we hope to contribute to a theory of geo- graphical mobility which leads to a new appreciation of the ways individuals dwell in geo- graphical places.
1 :  IUKB - Equipe de Recherche Interdisciplinaire sur le Tourisme
2 :  ESO-CAEN - UMR ESO - Espaces et Sociétés
mobility – practice – dwelling – migration – circulation – displacement