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Tijdschrift voor economische en sociale geografie 96, 4 (2005) 421-432
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The emergence of a mega-port: from the global to the local, the case of Busan
Antoine Frémont1, César Ducruet2

Busan port was ranked third place of the world container ports in 2001. This port growth was implemented within a major urban settlement of over 4 million inhabitants. It could be explained by the insertion of the port city in the maritime networks of the world leading ocean carriers. The coexistence of port and urban functions in the same area could lead to asphyxia. The efficient articulation of reticular and territorial logics, in different scales, from the global to the local and conversely, is a necessity to improve the development of the port city
1 :  SPLOTT - Systèmes productifs, logistique, organisation des transports et travail
2 :  GC - Géographie-cités
South Korea – East Asia – containerization – port – port city