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ICCSA 2009, France (2009)
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A multiagent urban traffic simulation Part I: dealing with the ordinary
Pierrick Tranouez1, Patrice Langlois2, Eric Daudé2

We describe in this article a multiagent urban traffic simulation, as we believe individual-based modeling is necessary to encompass the complex influence the actions of an individual vehicle can have on the overall flow of vehicles. We first describe how we build a graph description of the network from purely geometric data, ESRI shapefiles. We then explain how we include traffic related data to this graph. We go on after that with the model of the vehicle agents: origin and destination, driving behavior, multiple lanes, crossroads, and interactions with the other vehicles in day-to-day, “ordinary” traffic. We conclude with the presentation of the resulting simulation of this model on the Rouen agglomeration.
1:  LITIS - Laboratoire d'Informatique, de Traitement de l'Information et des Systèmes
2:  IDEES - Identité et différenciation des espaces, de l'environnement et des sociétés
multiagent systems – traffic simulation – geomatics – multiscale