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XIII International Oral History Conference - International Oral History Association - Roma, 23-26 giugno 2004 - Memory and Globalization = Memoria y globalización = Memoria e Globalizzazione (2004)
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Ethnomusicological collections in the Sound Archives in the face of globalisation
Véronique Ginouvès1

Various enquiries and a census reveal that more than half of patrimonial sound collections with ethnographical interest being made in France are about ethnomusicology and dancing. Overwhelmingly association-made collections have been recorded in the wake of identity movements and concern chiefly “indigenous” music. For several years now, researchers have begun to deposit musical recordings from migrant or nomadic communities and more generally from living music deeply immersed in local cultures in the sound archives. Frequently “the world music” is a generic expression covering this music whereas local traditional music is being left aside. Beyond the controversy of words, it is becoming more and more obvious that today's traditional music practices go beyond the geographical and cultural areas that regionalist movements of the 70's claimed as their turf and include all migrant communities or nomadic groups roaming about the country. The deposits made in the sound archives just reflect this shift.
1 :  MMSH - Maison méditerranéenne des sciences de l'Homme
archives sonores – phonothèque – musique du monde – musique traditionnelle – mondialisation – France du Sud