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Logopedics Phoniatrics Vocology 31, 1 (2006) 3-14
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Mirroring the voice from Garcia to the present day: some insights into singing voice registers.
Nathalie Henrich1

Starting from Garcia's definition, the historical evolution of the notion of vocal registers from then until now is considered. Even though much research has been carried out on vocal registers since then, the notion of registers is still confused in the singing voice community, and defined in many different ways. While some authors consider a vocal register as a totally laryngeal event, others define it in terms of overall voice quality similarities. This confusion is reflected in the multiplicity of labellings, and it lies in the difficulty of identifying and specifying the mechanisms distinguished by these terms. The concept of laryngeal mechanism is then introduced, on the basis of laryngeal transition phenomena detected by means of electroglottography. It helps to specify at least the laryngeal nature of a given singing voice register. On this basis, the main physiological, acoustic, and perceptual characteristics of the most common singing voice registers are surveyed.
1 :  LAM - Laboratoire d'acoustique musicale