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ΠΑΤΡΙΣ ΠΑΝΤΡΟΦΟΣ ΚΟΜΜΑΓHΝH. Neue Funde und Forschungen zwischen Taurus und Euphrat, Prof. E. Winter (Ed.) (2008) 41-43
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An Early Byzantine Chained Ornament from Sulumağara (Islahiye)
Michel Feugere1

A bronze ornament found in the ruins of an early byzantine church, revealed during a rescue excavation in Sulumağara (Islahiye, Turkey) in 2002, belongs to a group of liturgical hanging devices decorated with chi-rho and latin crosses. This new find illustrates the impact of Christian iconography on the abundant production of liturgical bronzes during this period.
1:  ASMMTC - Archéologie des sociétés méditerranéennes : milieux, territoires, civilisations
liturgical ornament – church – chi-rho – early byzantine